Delicious Molcajete in Old Town San Diego

The Best Molcajete In Old Town San Diego

This picture shows our quinceanera catering menu with many choices to choose fromMolcajete is the name of stone dish that is sculpted from a block of basalt stone. With 3 stone legs it could be set directly into a fire. Its rough surface is also used to grind down spices, corn, etc.

The use of the Molcajete in cooking dates back thousands of years even predating the Incas and the Aztecs. Many people still use this dish in their kitchen the way that some cooks use a mortar and pestle.

This picture shows a molcajete dish heating up on the burner of a grill
A molcajete dish heating up on our stove.

At Old Town Mexican Café, we honor this tradition with our signature dish, the Molcajete. Before anything is placed inside, we first heat up the Molcajete dish using flames from the burners on our stove.

Next we grill wild shrimp, marinated chicken, carne asada, Spanish chorizo, aged queso, nopales, green onions, and chili gueros to perfection. The molcajete is filled with our own special roasted molcajete salsa and then add the grilled ingredients.

This picture shows a molcajete dish filled with shrimp, carne asada, aged queso, spanish chorizo, nopales, green onions, and molcajete salsa ready to eat
This is a molcajete for 2. So delicious!

It is one of the most unique Mexican dishes served in Old Town San Diego. Try it, you’ll love it.

Check Out Our Molcajete Video Below

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