The dough is fashioned by hand into a ball.

Try Our Famous Handmade Corn and Flour Tortillas

Old Town Mexican Café is known for having the best handmade tortillas in San Diego. All tortillas are handmade the old fashioned way – natural ingredients mixed and pressed by hand by our team of tortillas ladies. The ladies don’t use any pressed to shape the tortillas.

This adherence to custom and fine ingredients are why these handmade tortillas are known far and wide as the best in San Diego.

Our tortillas are so popular that we have two kitchens devoted to making both flour and corn tortillas. Each kitchen is staffed with 2 shifts of Tortilla ladies.

A popular attraction in Old Town San Diego is to watch our tortillas being handmade from scratch.

More often than not, a small crowd will form in front of the large plate glass windows to watch tortillas being prepared the old fashioned way.

The dough gets hand pressed and rolled out. After the tortilla takes shape, its placed on our large flat grill to cook. The dough rises and bubbles as it cooks and the air is filled with the smell of handmade tortillas.

Some Fun Facts About Handmade Tortillas

Tortillas date back 10,000 BC to the Mayan time.

  • The corn for tortillas is broken down using a solution of lime and water.
  • Each day the ladies use between 300 and 400 pounds of corn to make an average of over 3,000 corn tortillas every day. The tortilla ladies use 700 pounds of flour to make over 5,600 handmade tortillas each day.

Come out to the Old Town Mexican Café and try our famous handmade tortillas. We think you’ll agree that they’re the best in
San Diego!